Our Story

Many different things inspired us to open this type of business but mostly it was our realization of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Taking into consideration that the food revolution is shifting towards a trend of healthy eating and there is a lack of delicious, healthy, high quality meals on the market spurred a Glam idea. We have an unparalleled passion for good food that taste and looks amazing. Now was the time to take our conventional diet to the next level by injecting creativity into healthy food options, whilst maintaining jaw dropping flavours and aesthetics. This meant experimenting with various nutritious food options such as whole grains, complete proteins, leafy greens, vegetables, super seeds and healthy fats. As a result, by combining classic flavours, creative interpretation and expert execution, Glamwich was born.

Glamwich is a chic, stylish cafe serving premium hand crafted, nutritious meals! We aim to provide premium superior quality meals that is outrageously delicious and nutritionally balanced for those who do not have the time to prepare them. Our glamorous open sandwiches and bagels with generous nutrient rich fillings encapsulates our healthy living philosophy. Our menu accommodates healthy lifestyles and is consciously created. Serving up authentic gourmet cuisine with a glam mouth-watering menu- made with the finest locally sourced ingredients, free range eggs, farm fresh chicken and plant based foods, sustainably sourced tuna, coconut oil, freshly baked bread and crafted homemade dressings and sauces. Our signature handcrafted premium gourmet open sandwiches and bagels are crammed with nature’s best nutrients and bursting with unique flavours and textures.

The best way to lighten up a sandwich? Take away one slice of bread.


From farm to fork, we’re all about offering smart, healthy, food to smart, healthy people. What matters most to us is creating mouth-watering meals that support healthy lifestyles. That means a Glamwich meal of protein, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats. It is all about balance, and making real food that is incredibly delicious, healthy and nutritious. Let’s celebrate mouth-watering nutritious food!

Our Mission

To create a conscious menu and positive environment that supports healthy and sustainable choices for both our community and our planet.

We aim to provide our customers with unparalleled supreme taste and impressive quality. Uniting locally grown farm-fresh produce, ethically sourced farm raised chicken, and wild-caught seafood to make the freshest, highest quality meals. Our culinary chefs strives for gastronomic perfection and supreme quality to create jaw dropping appetising meals.

Our Vision

To inspire healthy and sustainable food choices for all!